The small port of Kioni, hosting many sailing boats and yachts during summer

View from Likoudis Villas
Holidays in Kioni, Ithaca

Kioni is one of the most picturesque seaside villages in Greece still strongly linked to the traditional architecture, offering at the same time a sense of calm luxury and a collection of the most wonderful Ithaka apartments ... (more)

KIONI (the seaside village)
What to see and do in Kioni (the most popular destination)
Kioni is situated at the northernmost part of the island, at a distance of 25 km to Ithaca's capital, Vathy. It is a preserved traditional settlement which captures the visitor with its quaintness and its idyllic landscape.

Kioni is the most popular tourist destination of Ithaca and it deservedly claims to be one of the most beautiful in Greece, since it has amazingly succeeded to maintain its exquisite traditional colour and its unique identity.

Though Kioni receives plenty of visitors each year, still breathes a tranquil peacefulness to mind and senses, and it is an ideal shelter for those who wish to relax even at the peak of the tourist season in a peaceful and majestic environment, escaping from the noisy routine and the stress.

It is built amphitheatrically in verdant hills which end to a natural cove, in the entrance of which 3 stone windmills are standing. The natural small port was erstwhile base of pirates while today is a charming shelter for many fishing boats, sailing ships, even luxurious yachts, since Kioni is a favourite resort, especially among yacht owners and not only, offering plenty of choices concerning accommodation, entertainment but also isolation. 

On the way from Frikes to Kioni and at a distance of 5 minutes from Likoudis villas, you will meet five clear beaches; Kourvoulia, Piso Kourvoulia, Tsitsimida, Plakoutses and Mavrona, all famous for their crystalline cool waters and their rich shade; definitely the most desirable features during hot summer months.

At the beach of Kioni, there are boats to rend in order to explore the hidden beaches which are accessible only by boat and are located around the capes of Kioni, of Rahi and of Frikies-Marmakas.

Kourvoulia beach in Kioni seaside village

Near the sea you can enjoy a cup of coffee or a drink in one of the beautiful coastal coffee-bars, to taste delicious recipes cooked in tserepa such as fresh fish, cooked savoro, or …to live the romance of walking under the moonlight up to Molos in Kioni.

Fishing and Diving around the gulfs of Kioni, of Agios Elias, of Akrotiri-Kato Mylos, of Mavrona, Marmarkas and Frikes is an unique pleasure and an unforgettable experience.

Walk in the footprints of Odysseus (Ulysses) and of Penelope exploring the hiking routes of Ithaca.
  • Kioni- Vigla-Anoghi
  • Kioni- 3 windmills
  • Kioni- Rahi- Akrotiri
  • Kioni-- Agios Ilias (St.Elias)
In recent years, many people choose these romantic chapels for having a special marriage or christening ceremony in the delightful chapels of the village, such as Agios Nicholaos at the edge of the sea in Mavrona site or Panagia in Lotza and Agios Gerasimos in Argalios site.
Enjoying an evening drink or snack in Kioni by the sea

Fishing boats and sailing boats moored at the port of Kioni

Kioni seaside village

Kourvoulia beach in Kioni seaside village