The small port of Kioni, hosting many sailing boats and yachts during summer

View from Likoudis Villas
Holidays in Kioni, Ithaca

Kioni is one of the most picturesque seaside villages in Greece still strongly linked to the traditional architecture, offering at the same time a sense of calm luxury and a collection of the most wonderful Ithaka apartments ... (more)


Ithaca (Ithaki) is located:
  • 3 hours from London, by plane.
  • 2 hours from the International Airport of Kefalonia.
  • 30 mins, by ferry, from Kefalonia (Sami) - to Ithaca (Pisoaetos).
  • 1 hour and 60 mins from the International Airport of Preveza.
  • 1 hour and 45 mins, by ferry, from Nidri of Lefkada.
  • 1 hour and 15 mins, by ferry, from Vasiliki of Lefkada.
  • 2 hours, by ferry, from western Central Greece (Astakos)
  • 4 hours, by ferry, from Patra (twice per day, 12:30 a.m and 20:30 p.m)
  • 40 mins, by ferry, from Fiskardo (Kefalonia) to Ithaca (Pisoaetos).
  • 30 mins, by ferry, from Fiskardo (Kefalonia) to Ithaca (Frikies).
  • 40 mins, by plane, from Athens to Kefalonia and 30 mins by ferry from Kefalonia.
Charter flights
Regular charter flights to Argostoli Kefalonia, during summer season.
Regular charter flights to Aktion Preveza, during summer season.
There are flights that arrive at the Kefalonia airport from England and other European countries. Also, there are flights that arrive to Preveza airport from Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Holland, England.

Arrival via ground transportation and via ferry
On a daily basis from Kefalonia, Patra, Astakos and Lefkada.
There is a daily ferry to route to Ithaki from Kefalonia-Patra (approximently a 4 hour trip) there is only two trips available with the Strintzis Ferries.

From the Kefalonia airport to Ithaki: via ground transportation will take approximately 20 minute to arrive to Sami, (that is the ferry route that you will take from Kefalonia to Ithaki). In Sami you will board the ferry at 3:30pm and 30 minutes you will arrive to Ithaki (Pisoaetos).

From Preveza airport to Nudri Lefkada: it will take approximately 20 minutes to arrive via ground transportation.There is a ferry on daily basis from Nidri Lefkada to Frikes Ithaki.

From Preveza airport to Vasiliki Lefkada: it is approximately an hour via ground transportation. There is a ferry on daily basis from Vasiliki Lefkada to Frikes Ithaki.

On daily basis there smaller ferries available from Southern, Ithaki (Pisoaetos), to Fiskardo Kefalonia, Astako (Aitoloakarnania), Lefkada (Nidri and Vasiliki).

There is a daily ferry from Frikes (Port of Northern Ithaki) and from Vasiliki, Leukadas and Nidri, Lefkada.

The above routes are extremely convenient for visitors who travel from the Northern and western part of Greece to Ithaki.

Useful telephone numbers

Kefalonia –Sami Port Authority +30 -26740- 22031
Ithaca Port Authority + 30 26740- 32909
Lefkada Port Authority + 30 26450- 22176
Patra Port Authority +30- 26103 41002
Astakos Port Authority +30-26460-41052
Nidri Port Authority +30 - 26450 92509, +30 26450 92528
Agency Vasiliki +30 26450 31520
Fiskardo Port Authority +30-26740- 41400
Kefalonia Airport +30-26710-29900
Preveza Airport +30 26820-26113 (
You can get from Kefalonia airport to Sami by taxi at the cost of approximately 34 euro (a 35km ride).
Ferry agencies Patra +30-2610 240000
Sami +30-26740 23007
Ithaki +30-26740 32104
Ithaki +30-26740 33115
Astakoc +30-26460 38020
Vasiliki +30-26450 31520 (Lefkada)
+30-26740 23405 and
Sami +30-26740 22111
In Vathy (Ithaca) +30-26740-32702, 26740-33120
In Sami (Kefalonia) +30-26740-23007
In Argostoli (Kefalonia) +30-26710-22770
In Argostoli (Kefalonia) +30-26710-42160 (
Ηertz +30 26820 25215
Europcar +30 26820 24124